Abstract Submission Rules

Abstract Writing Rules

The abstract of the study should include brief information about the purpose, methods (research design, participants or sample, data collection tools…), findings, conclusions and recommendations. The abstract should not include figures, tables, formulas, pictures, citations and references. For abstracts in Turkish and English; the abstract should be between 300-500 words, excluding title, author’s name and surname.

If the presentation language is Turkish, the abstract should be submitted in both Turkish and English. If the presentation language is English, the abstract should be submitted in English. Presentations can be made in both languages.

Key words
There should be at least three keywords separated by commas and written in lower case.

Submission of Abstract

Papers should be sent via the online system available on the symposium website. Papers sent by e-mail and mail will not be accepted.

Papers must not be published elsewhere or presented in another congress, symposium or scientific organization. This is the responsibility of the author(s).